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Mindfulness Training Programmes

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a mode of attention characterized by openness, acceptance, and an enhanced ability to respond to the present moment. Being mindful allows for a clearer understanding of how thoughts and emotions impact our health, assisting us to manage our wellbeing. Mindful attention also enhances our learning and strategic abilities, and the quality of our decision making.


All our programmes are customised according to needs, from 1 hour lunchtime sessions, to half and full day trainings.

Mindfulness and Sustainable Wellbeing

This programme is suitable for all levels of an organisation and will add value to existing health, safety and wellness initiatives and professional development programmes. All our programmes are customised according to needs, from 1 hour lunchtime sessions, to half and full day trainings.

  • Introducing mindfulness and how it works
  • Guided mindfulness exercise
  • Attention restoration: utilizing the power of present-moment awareness
  • The balance of being and doing
  • Accessing wellbeing through the relaxation response
  • How to identify key ‘stressors’ in ones’ internal environment
  • Moving from a habit-driven perspective to one of clarity and responsiveness
  • Mindful communication exercises

The Power of Mindfulness in the Workplace

This programme teaches participants mindfulness skills and how to use mindful awareness to:

  • Manage attention and energy throughout the day
  • Understand the hindrances to quality thinking
  • Suspend our usual point of view in order to listen without resistance
  • Discover a more generous and less ‘driven’ perspective, where greater clarity, self knowledge and strategic agility informs our decisions and choices
  • Open up a larger space for reflection, inquiry and generative dialogue with others

Mindful leadership Presence

For a small group who recognise the value of bringing diverse perspectives to the table and wish to utilise mindfulness to un-stick a complex issue:

  • Learn the practice of mindful attention for leadership and conversation
  • Engage in mindful presencing and the U Framework for innovation and learn through experience
  • Build the capacity to engage strongly and mindfully in the “conversations that matter”,
  • Capture the collective capacity and wisdom of the group as you focus on a core complex issue together
  • Embody the power of focused, yet open, attention in order to reach new solutions

Finding Headspace

The age of the mindful manager is upon us. Read the article


Guided Mindfulness relaxation and meditation exercise CD’s

For further details contact:
Mindfulness Training 0274 356352 or visit our website mindfulness-training.co.nz
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