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What is Professional Supervision?

  • An independent external monitoring programme for employees and managers in relatively high stress occupations
  • Aims to enable growth personally and professionally
  • Provides tools for stress resilience, communication, debriefing, managing difficult people, work/life balance, boundary & ethical issues

Instep Professional Supervision

  • Is the only NZ based provider that has a national network dedicated and trained in workplace supervision
  • Meets both organisational and individual needs
  • Has provided professional supervision for national organisations since 2001 in both corporate and not-for-profit organisations

Benefits of a Professional Supervision Programme

Less stress in working life. "I feel more in charge!"

Better work relationships

"Someone who cares about me can actually give me tools to make a difference…"

Able to put distance between professional and home life

"Can express my feelings to someone about my work life…"

Can see issues coming more easily because of training to recognise symptoms

Instep Wellington
PO Box 19240
Wellington 6149
Ph.: 04 382 8071
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