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Alcohol & Drug Free Workplace Programmes

Many New Zealand organisations are aware of the possible impact that alcohol and drug use has on the safety of their workplace and the health of valued staff. Some young workers have very high drinking levels and recreational drug use is of epidemic proportions. To reduce the number and severity of accidents, to reduce absenteeism and sickness and to give real assistance to people who need help, consider the introduction of a comprehensive alcohol and drug programme in your workplace.

Instep provides both consultancy and programme management with distinct delivery modules:

  • Policy and procedures,
  • Education, and training,
  • Employee assistance,
  • Assessment, treatment & case management

The basis of a successful programme is to educate all staff to make better decisions about alcohol and drugs; to train team leaders to recognise issues in the workplace and to know what to do when an issue arises, in conjunction with well communicated and understood policy and procedures and, if necessary, lawful alcohol and drug testing. If you seek information on New Zealand's premier workplace alcohol and drug testing laboratory service, contact the Institute of Environmental Science and Research ESR. For the premier on-site alcohol and drug testing service, contact The Drug Detection Agency

This approach does not provide a quick fix; it is deliberate and graduated although the results can be dramatic for both your people and for the organisation. Programmes based on this Instep/ESR model are being used within the forestry, meat and transport industries and over 200 other companies.

At the heart of this programme is three decades of clinical knowledge and case management from Hanmer Clinics New Zealand regarded as one of New Zealand's premier consultancy and residential treatment services for alcohol and drug dependency.

ADFWP Checklist
An Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace Programme (ADFWP) is a comprehensive process involving policy and procedures, education, training, EAP, rehabilitation and case mangement... To find out more about ADFWP, click the link to view the checklist: ADFWP Checklist
How the EAP Handles Alcohol & Drug Cases
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